Long Live the British Car Show

Well, it was certainly an eventful week for our friends across the pond in GB. Whatever happens over the next couple of years, we can at least count on one thing: their classic cars are COOL. They might be 'unreliable' and require drivers to carry around a small fire extinguisher under the seat, but let's not get too technical here. This is a  p h o t o  b l o g  and we're about the  v i s u a l s. 

This weekend I checked out the British Car Show at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA with some of the fam. The outing was a bit of a throwback to family trips to these car shows back when I was a kid. What 9 year old doesn't love walking around in a totally exposed to sun field looking at classic cars that smell like old leather and that you can't touch? The promise of ice cream will work wonders. 

Photographing in broad daylight is typically not ideal for most subjects so I knew these photos would be tricky to capture and make interesting. Often the high-contrast photos made during bright mid-day light can be great candidates for being converted to black and white. Also, I recently read about how black and white format can 'take the time out of a photo', and classic cars as the subject would be perfect for this effect. 

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