Landscape Photography & Adventure to the West

It was a typical vacation for me and Paul: I hemmed and hawed over selecting just the right destination from my mile-long list of places to go, we booked flights to and from our destination months and months ahead of time, then booked the rest of the details at the last minute and did zero planning or research on what to do once we got there. And lastly, as usual, we spent the whole time outdoors and had an excellent time! 

For my fellow travel junkies' information, our itinerary included the following: Lake Tahoe > Yosemite National Park > Monterey Peninsula > San Francisco Area. Knowing that many of the photos I would take on this trip would be landscape-y (a realm of photography I don't usually delve into), I was thrilled when fellow photographer Glen Viglone generously offered to lend me his 35mm f1.4 lens for my travels. This slightly wider lens than my 50mm was just what I needed to capture the big views. Thanks again, Glen! 

Throughout the trip I couldn't help but share some of my iPhone photos from our beautiful surroundings via Facebook (when we had phone/internet service). Does anyone else get overwhelmed with all the devices you have on hand for taking photos? I traveled with my DSLR, iPhone and GoPro and felt an urgency to make sure I used them all, which may have not been the most realistic means of capturing our trip. Do any fellow photographers have tips for what device to use and when?

Enough talk, let's see some photos!

Landscape photography often seems challenging to me. Everyone is looking at this view- how do I capture it and customize it to be my own photo? While I will continue to ask myself this question when photographing a landscape, I did have some fun editing these straight-up-landscape photos from Yosemite below. Click the blocks below for a full-size view of these photos from Yosemite. 

Big Sur was a beautiful drive, even on an overcast day.

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