Fall Light Workshop Highlights - From the Charles, Meadow and 'Mountain'

This past fall (2015) I took a photography workshop which focused on the different and changing natural light conditions of the autumn season. Heavy! Over the course of three Saturdays the class visited different locations at different times of the day, then reviewed our favorite shots the following week. I love taking adult ed photography classes for the assignments that push me and also for the random folks you end up meeting. Always a win-win! 

Week 1 we traveled to a section of the Charles River in Watertown, MA around noon for some early fall afternoon light. We walked along the river for almost four hours and were given some quick photography exercises to do, such as 'photograph one thing in 10 different ways' and 'set up a shot first, only take one photo and then move on'. I have to say- this session finally got me into the fall spirit with the chilly weather and bold colors. 

WinterHillStudio Tree Reflection in Water.jpg
WinterHillStudio Ducks on Charles River.jpg
I especially enjoyed capturing this juxtaposition of summer fun and fall hibernation. 

I especially enjoyed capturing this juxtaposition of summer fun and fall hibernation. 

Week 2 started early and cold when we met before sunrise at Rock Meadow Conservation Area in Belmont, Mass. The early light and colors of the meadow were a big change from the week before at the river. Once the sun came up the light was clear and strong- good thing, too, since it was a pretty chilly morning. The photos from this session really reflect the colder temperature, the drier air and the beginning of the end of a lot of green plants and trees for the winter season. Keeping my enjoyment of the pool photo from the previous week in mind, I tried to find more former signs of summer within the current cold temps. 

WinterHillStudio Frosty Grass in Meadow.jpg
WinterHillStudio Frosty Brush at the Meadow.jpg
WinterHillStudio Beehives in Fall

For our final outing, we traveled to Blue Hills Reservation in Milton, Mass. for a late afternoon/evening photo sesh. We hiked up with plenty of other New Englanders trying to enjoy what always might be the last nice Saturday afternoon of the fall before winter. At the top, I checked out the radio towers and weather station for some cool shapes and these ended up being some of my favorite photos from the whole workshop. 

Last shot from the workshop. 

Last shot from the workshop. 

I love looking forward to starting a new photography class. I'd like to do another one soon that involves critiques and am also interested in taking a class in Lightroom. Outside of photography, I have my eye on a pottery class starting up in April nearby in Somerville! Have you taken any memorable adult ed classes or workshops? Any that weren't as good as you had hoped?

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