Maiden blog post here!

In an effort to challenge myself to shoot more photos and to share them with folks out there on the interwebs, I'm going to try my hand at a monthly blog post featuring photos taken during that very month. Hopefully I can stick to this plan, rack up some solid shots, and get some constructive feedback from readers. Without further ado, here is June 2015!!

This month has included some really ace weather for the Boston area. Mostly comfortable temps (anything under 80F in my book), a few days of welcome rain, and a couple of cooler days mixed in. At the beginning of the month, I joined in a picnic in honor of a friend of ours who has sadly moved out of state. I was able to shoot some nice photos of friends that I'll share elsewhere, but here's a look at the backdrop for our picnic: 


This month (and every month, in fact) I had the pleasure of getting together with my fun foodie friends for the monthly meeting of our Recipe Club. Each month, we pick an evening to meet at one of our homes and plan a meal around a theme. All six ladies make a dish mostly ahead of time and bring it to dinner where we enjoy a fun meal and plenty of laughs. This month's theme was straight up "Pot Luck" where we purposefully did not coordinate our dishes ahead of time (I know, crazyright?!) and just winged it. The meal came together surprisingly well, although our fears were met when no one brought dessert. The horror! Good thing there was a sweet carrot souffle which provided a nice sweet ending to the meal. I made this Spring Panzanella Salad which featured these photo-worthy leeks and radishes:


Truth be told, most of my blog posts will probably feature at least one photo of this pair of guys- husband Paul and dog Charlie. They're my most captive targets and both great sports about sitting for photos. You may recognize Paul from my Portraiture gallery, and perhaps you've heard that he's a talented and passionate artist himself.  


Towards the end of this month, we headed over to Central Square for the annual City Dance Party. The city shuts down a few blocks of Mass Ave and thousands gather in front of City Hall and dance it out for a few hours to some classic and current tunes. Patrons are young and old and come from all over the area to dance or just enjoy the people watching. It really is such a cool event and it reminded me how much I love living in this area. In addition to an already guaranteed fun event, the historic ruling in favor of gay marriage in all 50 states occurred today and only added to the happy atmosphere. A great day indeed! I knew there would be some great photo opportunities and wanted to practice shooting in the low-light conditions so of course I brought my camera. Here are a few keepers from the event:

Well that was pretty painless! I hope you enjoy the photos and I certainly welcome any feedback you might have. If you have a favorite, tell me about it in the Comments section below! I'll plan to post my next edition of monthly photos at the end of July. Happy Summer!


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